My team was asked to connect a subculture to a brand based on their shared unique set of values, beliefs and customs in order to add value to the subculture.

Through connecting with sneakerheads, as well as a shoe designer, we learned to understand this one of a kind community.



Music has impacted the design and popularity of sneakers. This relationship has caused the sneaker industry to flourish and the music industry to cause societal change. Through sneakers, artist can envision, create, and tell a story. The sneaker world and hip hop community have influenced each other for years and will continue to prosper because of the relationship between artist and sneakers. SOLEBEATS,our app, integrates style, history and music all in one, accessible place.


With the purpose to intervwine the history and culture of the sneakerhead community with its musical and athletic influences our app allows the user to:

1.    Select a decade and listen to a playlist curated by sneakers from that time period.

2.    Read a brief history about the design, relevance and impact a sneaker has created amongst the sneaker and hip hop community.

3.    Select a brand and listen to a playlist associated with an influencer of that brand.

4.    Learn the history of different sneakers, artists, and athletes and the influence on the sneakerhead community and music scene.